Our Aim

Our aim is to provide the best urban Punjabi food. We wish to serve authentic flavors of Punjab to the people of California.

About us

Our goal is to bring you the Real & Rich flavors of Punjab. In 1947, the province of Punjab was split into two with the division of India. As a result, Charda Punjab (Indian side) and Lehnda Punjab ( Pakistan side) came into existence and variation of Punjabi cuisines were developed with the traditional ones.

At Urban Punjab We honor both sides of cuisines as we dont consider we are divided by hearts but borders. We offer classic favorites and new twists on traditional menus. Whether you’re a Carnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan or you eat Gluten-free, you will find different variety of dishes to relish with real flavors of Punjab.

Punjabi food is not only known for rich and buttery flavors but for the spices and herbs which are good for health and digestion such as Turmeric, cloves, ginger and garlic. These are the main ingredients which are used almost in every dish. At Urban Punjab, mostly we grind/crush our own spices and make our own Paneer, Dahi ( Yogurt ), Desi Ghee (Oil made from milk). We make sure we buy the best quality ingredients, vegetables and meat, etc to give the best taste and flavors to satisfy your taste buds.

At last we highly appreciate and thank you for dining at Urban Punjab.



We cater all big and small events